About Odzer

I live in Chandigarh, India. It is an extraordinary town because it is the most unusual city in India. There are no narrow streets, there are no familiar Indian smells. There are almost no cows on the streets and as such there is little cow dung as well. I like traveling especially to Asian countries and the mountains. I am very fond of diversity and I generally get along well with people from various backgrounds. I am a supporter of a Free Tibet but other than that I am not much in to politics. I love the idea of the nation state disappearing and anarchy, however that is just something that will happen on its own. I own a small Information Technology business because all Indians are supposed to fix computers of people worldwide but other than that I am also a freelance writer.


  1. Hi Odzer. Chandigarh is supposed to be a beautiful place and one day I intend to see it. You have a nice blog and have added you to my surfer…I liked your India post!

  2. Hey Nita, they do say it is beautiful. Well I guess that is really for you to come, see and judge for yourself. Our city has an open hand as its symbol which means everyone is always welcome! Thanks and I like your blog a lot as well.

  3. Added you to my blogroll! 🙂 And thanks for adding me too.

  4. Thanks to you as well!

  5. Chandigarh, Nice!

    You have a nice blog mate.

  6. Thanks so do you Rounin san. Welcome!

  7. where did you grow up? do you speak Hindi? nice blog, :0 r

  8. I grew up mostly in North India. I speak and write Hindi and a couple of other languages.

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