Posted by: odzer | September 4, 2008

Chrome, What Chrome?

A Mac No Show

Google chrome : A Mac No Show

So I am all excited about the new Google browser but guess what I can not use it. See they do not have a Mac edition yet! Oh well, I will admit a secret, I do own a windows box. However do I really want to install a third browser on a Windows box (It is crying for mercy already, so I keep it turned off except for the occasional house guest) or for that matter even my Apple computer? I usually end up using only the one browser. Browsers at the end of the day have nothing to do with the browsing experience but they are just means of the companies that make them to control “viewership”. So if you use a particular browser it may just be that you will also end up using the search business of that particular browser maker. As far as Firefox is concerned the only purpose of the browser was to break the monopoly of another company and fix so called loopholes. As with everything else it seems browsers are also mired in good browser/bad browser and the various companies that make them seem to all claim that their browser is holier than the other one.

So my thoughts are, I am not going to bother with Chrome. I may check it out but I will not bother with it right now. Let it mature, let it kill one of the more popular browsers and then I might. As for what the viewers of this blog use, I am posting the results for all of you to check out.

What all you have been using.

What all you have been using.


  1. Even if Chrome comes for Mac, I might stick with Safari. I am trying Chrome on my office laptop though and it is cool. But will not leave Firefox on Windows!

  2. I guess I will check it out. but people are creatures of habit. And indeed I’m very much stuck with Firefox. It will take a lot to convince me to switch completely.

  3. I will use Chrome forever! 😀 Is perfect for me.

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