Posted by: odzer | September 1, 2008


I had a very late night and had a couple of friends over and thus as a consequence woke up later than usual. I have made some pancakes for brunch today. The idea came to me because I had a lot of milk leftover because all of a sudden I can no longer buy homogonised tetrapacked milk in this city and I had purchased one of those more perishable milk packets. (In India they conveniently pack milk in plastic pouches which can explode, leak or just rot) In any case they came out rather nice.

Now that I have gorged on 3 of these real nice thick ones, I think I shall have no further need for food till late in the evening. I am off cooking this evening because one of my friends is doing the honour, I will keep you updated on what transpires of course.


  1. Its like i have tasted it, but not like the one in Nigeria. Its different, lots of India here like it so much. Nice blog.

  2. You’re making me hungry! It’s been ages since I made pancakes.. I think I will take this post as an inspiration to inaugurate my new non-stick frying pan… Let’s hope it’s as non-stick as promised!

  3. these pancakes look yummy! hw come most of your posts revolves around food n dishes ??

  4. Gloall thanks. I can imagine something as generic as pancakes have local variations. I did not know that there were a lot of Indians in Nigeria actually. I had some Nigerian co-students when I was in college. I appreciate your comments!

  5. Hedonist, By all means take out the frying pan and start frying up, Do a nice English fry up. I have noticed that if the frying pan’s bottom is all cast in one piece it has better non-stick abilities than those with co-centric circle type designs at the bottom. Hope you have a good time with it.

  6. Ammar, I like cooking! I cook almost two meals every day. So you can imagine its easy to post about it.

  7. How do you get time for it? You run an IT Business, plus your a freelance writer 🙂

  8. Ammar I am a Gemini so I get my evil twin brother to run the business while I cook….

  9. You’re a Gemini too 🙂

    * Hi5 *

    nice to hear that, which date (mine is 11th June)

  10. The very last day of May 🙂

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