Posted by: odzer | August 27, 2008

Republic of Chicken

Republic of Chicken

Republic of Chicken

I found this funny store named “Republic of Chicken”. It is basically a meat shop and they sell all types of salami, bacon, cold cuts etc. The theme of the store seems to be the unequivocal and inalienable rights of all Chickens. I am writing to support those rights and I hope all Chickens get eaten equally. Talking about Chicken, I am bored of it seriously. What hits me in North-India is the absolute non variety of meat. Its Chicken or Chicken. I seriously miss eating fish and the only seafood I can safely eat here is either the McDonalds fillet o’ fish sandwich or frozen shrimp/prawns. Boring!

You would notice that I do not mention goat meat as a possibility. I am not particularly fond of it and I may sometimes eat it in Indian food where the smell of the goat has been disguised by a myriad of mysterious spices. Lamb is really not an option in the Northern plains. So this store is a bit welcome, they do seem to have some nice things but at some really nice prices as well. If India had safe pork a lot of my problems would I guess be over, I would not of course mention the other meat (whose name is even unmentionable lest people riot) but if somehow people learned how to live in peace and let others eat whatever they wanted to eat. That would be welcome as well!

My meat cravings are dampened quite a lot when I visit any local butcher though. The way they display meat here is horrendous. The nice metal trays in freezers where everything is unrecognizable and you can never guess the origin of the meat are a big put off. I can safely say though that stores like Reliance Stale, ummm Fresh do the same to vegetables as well. Put them in huge plastic trays where they can rot in peace. Not that your local Subzi Wala or Vegetable vendor is any better either. They like the slam and dunk approach, basically they they slam sacks full of vegetables around and dunk vegetables in dirty water so that their weight increases when they sell them.

The Indian consumer expects very little and demands nothing in return for his Rupee except a cheap deal. I have noticed aunties here routinely haggle over prices of small items and feel elated that they have got a good deal. So here is my suggestion to the upcoming retailers, may be it will revolutionize the way Indians shop, Individually packed trays of meat and Individual packs of veggies! Yay! You can even label them you know! Oh and please the environment wallah’s spare me the world is gonna blow up anyway, we all know it 🙂 So lets not all be chickens anymore and demand produce that stays intact when it reaches our fridges.


  1. Great post, I remember my own struggles with meat shopping very well, in fact I still suffer from this headache in UK where by default everything is individually wrapped so it may go bad in its own isolated microenvironment. But then at least there is some variety…

    Shopping for food used to be a time consuming and annoying task; especially in summers. You want a bunch of fresh vegetables, so you go to one shop, but you also want to cook some meat, but the shop you bought the veggies from sells only stale meat which repeatedly has made you sick on previous occasions. So you go halfway across town to pick up fresh chicken. Then you decide you want some mutton as well and since you’re not a Hindu you have not put so much thought into the matter that you realize it’s a TUESDAY and all the decent shops only sell chicken! So you drive to another part of town, desperate and horrified because you’ve already told people to come over for some mutton curry.. and end up in the Meat market, where the blood soaks up your shoes as you get ripped off for some bad quality streaky and tough meat.

    *Sigh* … now all I have to do is go to one supermarket, buy everything I want and go back 2 hours later, with an open meat packet, demanding a refund because it turned out to be bad inside.. what an improvement!

  2. Yep its still very much a struggle to buy decent produce here. One advantage of individually wrapped packages is that if something goes bad, it goes bad in its own “micro environment” as you say instead of rotting up the whole batch. Imagine a whole tray of stinking tomatoes at the local Reliance store. Some of the worst possible food experiences that I have ever had were when buying “mutton”. As you say either it is as tough as leather or you just can not find it.

    Buying other meats is just next to impossible, basically I would just move from here on account of food I guess. I am seriously contemplating the issue.

  3. Alright, but don’t move to UK on account of food! 😉 Although it’s very good for Indian food.. I’m deeply unhappy about the quality of meat. And if you think meat in India smells a lot, just have some 100% British beef! It can seriously compete with Mutton sometimes.

  4. Hedonist I assure you I have no intention of moving to the United Kingdom! Although if it was the late 19th century or early 20th century I would have loved to be there. I guess I would be more of a pork eater though….

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