Posted by: odzer | August 25, 2008


Jesus is alive today!

Jesus is alive today!

I went out today and found this button lying on the road. I could not sort of help myself from laughing. Its a bit ironic I guess. I think you can make your own assumptions about how it got where it was lying. An accident perhaps? May be it slipped and fell?

Why do people have to wear their faith on their lapels? I guess that is the real question. I have always found religious people to be a bit of a show off. They also tend to compete with each other and try to outdo each other. So what if you are not religious is it bad? May be not but it certainly does make your life very difficult. People who are not religious have a very difficult time speaking out in certain places, I still remember debating God with some of my friends in a restaurant once and it got a little bit loud and one guy from the table behind us actually came up to me and said “God is great, he is everywhere!”. I just told him “He may not be, but he certainly is well represented!”.

Jesus is alive today! I wish him good health and good luck!


  1. People are so eager to sweeten their life by going deeply in such cartoon-like beliefs. They never realise that no one listens to their wishes unless they do it by themselves. Instead, they mostly think like this at heart: ‘Oh, god, please do such and such things for me while I am sitting around and having a cup of tea. Please be my servant and make me feel comfortable.’ What a convenient invention he is!

  2. thats why they tell us not to talk about religion in public places, you never know who you might end up offending. But I agree to you on the showoff bid, most ppl are either showoff or either too eager to have u in their gang.

  3. Khelljuhg you have hit the nail on its head with your comment. A lot of people are driven by insecurities in their lives. God is certainly convenient especially when people go through what they perceive as difficult times.

  4. No one ever told me not to talk about religion in public places! He he he. In any case we were so engrossed we did not notice where we were anymore perhaps we should have been quieter.

  5. Very well written Odzer.

  6. Thanks Prerna! You write well too.

  7. you gave a good answer 🙂

  8. Thanks Axinia. Welcome to my blog.

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