Posted by: odzer | August 22, 2008

The Airtel iPhone Mishegoss

Email that Airtel so kindly sent me today

Email that Airtel so kindly sent me today

I have used the same mobile number and the same operator for around half a decade now. I am an extremely satisfied customer of Airtel, so far they have never let me down until today. When I booked an iPhone with them I had expected it to be priced at a level higher than what it is being sold for in most other countries but I did not expect such a high price. So you might say how naive, people can sell anything at any price as long as there are buyers. I should say sure. However Airtel knew that a lot of people were looking forward to this particular model and they should have arranged a better deal with Apple. If they do not have enough phones it is entirely a problem that has been created by Apple and Airtel, they are the one’s that have created this artificial scarcity.

Let me just say this I am not going to purchase an iPhone now. Thank you very much Airtel! I am very happy with my Sony Ericsson Z610i. Its already a 3G telephone and I can use it for roaming here in India and other countries with 3G networks extremely well. I admit I am a tech nerd and I will usually pick up anything even if it costs a lot more initially but not this particular phone. I am giving it a pass for now. Even though I know this will be a great product. I use a Macbook now and I love the computer in terms of its usability viz a viz what is available on the other more popular platform. Just for now I will say that disappointment doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Note : Part 2 of this post is available here.



  1. iPhone 3G has caused a stir all over the place. When it came out in UK, people slept in front of shops just so they could get one of the first ones. Around lunch time the same day I walked past the shop to find that there was still a huge queue outside; all of those people knew the stock was gone. They were just standing there for hours and hours trying to order one!

    Although tempting, at the moment I couldn’t be bothered either.

  2. I hear its already sold out here but I can’t really confirm it. I guess they must have only a couple of hundred handsets for India. I am seriously looking at alternatives like the Nokia N96 or even the HTC TyTnII. If Airtel wants us to pay the full price for this phone it better give us an unlocked phone.

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