Posted by: odzer | August 21, 2008

Korean food

I will admit I have only ever had Korean food 3 times in my life. Two times was in Dharamsala and one time at the Korea town in Shin-Okubo in Tokyo. The one time in Tokyo I had gone along with a friend for a Korean barbecue. So since I have just returned back from Dharamsala l will write about the latest experience. I went to the Korean restaurant Dokebi at Jogiwara Road. This is by far my favourite restaurant in Dharamsala. So what exactly do I like about Korean food, for one I like the spicy nature of it. If you like red pepper you will surely like Korean food. I also like Kimchi I can eat tons of the stuff whenever I get it. The Kimchi I ate in Japan was however far more nicer than anything that I have ever had in India.

This time I ordered some Korean Sushi (vegetarian one), a korean rice dish with a fried egg, some ramen and barley tea (which resembles Japanese muggi cha). The food came right on time even though my friend and I were the only customers at that time owing to the fact that it was pouring outside. We got two soups which had some sort of a sea weed in it for free and one bowl of rice free with the ramen. Apparently it seems Koreans seem to eat rice with their ramen. It also seems that Koreans use metal chopsticks which I am not so familiar with as I am more comfortable using either the Chinese or the Japanese variety. All in all the meal was excellent and the restaurants atmosphere makes me feel right at home and very comfortable. The fact that it is run by a Korean person (I am told a Korean woman) and it is reasonably priced is just excellent. So if you are ever in Dharamsala do give it a go.


  1. Sounds very interesting indeed. I love experimenting with new cuisines and this one is brand new for me. Ramen and Rice combo. 🙂

  2. Yep and tastes interesting as well. Well just for the record my friend who ordered the Ramen did not eat up the rice. I would have normally eaten up his bowl but I already had a rice dish.

  3. I’ve never had Korean food but will definitely try it if I get the chance.

  4. You should definitely try it. If you can find a Korean barbecue you should go for it. I guess I have not even discovered 10% of it yet but I like whatever I have had till now.

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