Posted by: odzer | August 20, 2008


I went to Dharamsala on the evening of 15th August, mostly for work but I thought also for a little break. It is just another story that I could not relax at all. One of the good things about going to Dharamsala is just to enjoy the culture. McLeod Ganj is full of it, every where you go there are schools for learning everything from Indian cooking to Hypnotic regression. In any case I had no time to go to any temples or any energy as well but I did meet some old friends and some new people.

So you can find all sorts of people in such a small place and all kinds of food as well. I had various interesting dinning experiences as well as eating all kinds of my favourite Tibetan foods. Overall it was a very tiring weekend trying to do business with a different culture with their own understanding of the world, language problems and some other interesting challenges thrown in. What I did find the most difficult was the Bus journey from Chandigarh to Dharamsala. It took me 8 hours to go each way and the roads were horribly broken in many places so the whole journey was so shaky. I do not suffer from altitude or motion sickness but I can imagine it would be much worse for people that do. What I do suffer from however is my height. I am quite a tall guy and I never fit in the average Indian bus seat.

As I write this I am suffering horrible leg pain, I wonder if anyone that runs the transport department in the government has ever heard or economy class syndrome? I guess it is not a big concern! Anyway I am posting some pictures from good old Himachal once again. It is nice to be back home though!


  1. Nice pictures, they really make me want to go there myself! But I’ll pass on the bus journey. Even if I had to drive a scooter there myself I would prefer that!

  2. I do not really enjoy a long two wheeler ride especially because of my dislike of the rain and the grit. Not to mention it hurts the “lower back”. A car ride to Dharamsala that I have actually had once was very nice because usually all the buses from Chandigarh are at night and you just sleep through the way. May be one of the reasons for the soreness is sleeping in one position….

  3. Chadigarh must be such an awesome place to live in, are there any ski resorts nearby too?

  4. Oops misspelt Chandigarh there, gives it quite a different meaning.

  5. Yep I liked the first spelling much better! 🙂 I think Himachal was building a ski resort but the local gods did not give the permission (yes, it sounds weird but that is what exactly happened.( I wonder what happened later, I never followed the story. However I think you can go Paragliding in Dharamsala or you can always go for hikes and treks.

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