Posted by: odzer | August 15, 2008

Male body hair

How much do you have?

How much do you have?

Body hair is an interesting topic for men. Some like more, some like less. However what most men do know is that they get more hairy as they grow older. Sure there is some growth when you hit puberty but the really annoying body hair starts coming out when you are in your mid twenties. You notice the pubic sort of hair popping out of your nose and some men start to notice similar hair popping out of their ears. I guess Indian men have the most hairy ears in the world if I am not mistaken.

What about hair on shoulders and back? Yuck. Hair on your arms also tends to get longer during this age. So how hairy am I? Well fairly but not as hairy perhaps as my father. I can go without shaving easily for two or max three days. It seems though that hair in another crucial part is missing in my case i.e. the head. Do I like body hair on me? Yes I do, I think I am just the right level of hairiness. However the reason I am writing this blog is my phobia of getting more hairy from here on. I certainly do dread that ear hair though I guess my family has no history of that.

Men who are not very hairy especially some Asians tend to want to be more hairy and generally very hairy men tend to want to have less hair. Some friends of mine are so furry that it is hard to recognize where the hair begins and where it ends and some are completely lacking the fuzz. I remember an incident in Tibet when I was at the Jokhang square when some young boys came and pulled on my arm hair and called me a “Monkey”. I guess they were just fascinated by it because they had never ever seen a hairy man before!

Another thing that bothers me about body hair is the fact that I have a white bathroom floor, after a nice shower the hair on the floor unnerves me. I always try to take a shower before the floor is cleaned. In Japan it is a tradition to share bath water or to take communal baths. I dread the idea that some of my hair will be floating around when the next person takes his or her bath so I just avoid the whole shared bath thing. Fortunately for me my hosts and friends were quite understanding about the whole thing. I guess though it is something for me to overcome and I am sure I can.

Should men actually shave their arm pits? Some do, some do not. I guess it depends on how they look at it. I guess men who are likely to shave their arm pits are also likely to shave elsewhere. Muscular men who happen to be hairy are very likely candidates for shaving off fuzz in interesting places. I guess as a person who is very smell centric I would rather some guys shave it off though on record I have observed men smell less from their arm pits. One they are likely to eat less spicier diets and secondly its just that women DO smell more there so its less important for men to shave their pits.

Personally I do not like facial hair, I kept a mustache when I was a teenager only for the reason that I was afraid of cutting my lip. Although I do like going without shaving occasionally. However I guess facial hair is everyone’s personal choice. In one way or the other I do feel that men are obsessed by their hair whether its on their heads, their faces, their chests or other more interesting body parts. I shall just end with a joke, one of my non-hairy friends once observed “I don’t like women that are more hairy than I am”.



  1. Quite a ‘hair raising’ blog this.. hehe 😉 When i read it, it reminded me of my cousin who borrowed my ‘plucker’ the other day to pluck out the very little hair that he had on his ears! hehe

  2. Ouch! I hear some guys even wax their ears!

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