Posted by: odzer | August 12, 2008


I had this strange idea of making lasagna today. Its hell of a lot of work but I had some company so I did not really mind. I made two kinds but I only baked one kind and tossed the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. The only difference between both is that one has parmesan cheese added to it and the other one has only béchamel. In the past whenever we made lasagna we would use a hand cranked pasta machine that one of my friends owned to make our own pasta sheets. Today I had to use store bought lasagna. I must say I much preferred the hand made pasta.

Anyway both the kind of lasagna seem to have come out right and I can very nicely confirm that one dish was exceedingly tasty. In the layers I had added three types of bell peppers red, yellow and green. Mince, a tomato sauce, béchamel and mushrooms. Will I be cooking lasagna anytime soon I can not really say. I am far too lazy!

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