Posted by: odzer | August 10, 2008

Penne Rigatte

A lazy dinner

A lazy dinner

Tonight I was feeling lazy so I cooked Penne Regate for dinner. I did it with the usual Tomato sauce and had some Parmesan cheese on top at the end. I like eating pasta now and then but I do not usually cook Penne, its either spaghetti or fettuccine. I will be honest mostly I would rather use Penne in a salad or a casserole.

I would have loved a bit of decent mince so I could have done a bolognaise but it does not matter because its mostly the tomato sauce that I am after. They say tomato is a poor man’s red wine and since wine is indeed a pricey drink here I do not mind the extra lycopene. Tomatoes in the monsoon tend to be of a very poor quality and its perhaps the worst time to eat Tomatoes in India, I must say though that Indian tomatoes taste really very good.

The penne turned out to be quite nice and I will tell you the secret, MSG toss a bit of it most restaurants will do that anyway so will most of the packaged sauces, also add a bay leaf along with the mixed herbs. I am not averse to eating MSG because as a food additive it has been around for a long long time and its naturally found in things like mushrooms. In fact the taste is similar to certain stocks that contain meat. Now I am not saying food wont taste good if you do not have MSG but I don’t really see any problem in this particular additive. The Japanese and other Asians routinely have been using seaweeds to get this compound as a taste enhancer for years and they don’t seem to die that easily.Further all the alarming results that have ever been found in MSG have been after subject animals were directly injected with MSG, no effects were observed when it was given to them as a food additive. So basically I will sometimes toss in these things when I want a taste enhancement and I do not worry about it but I do not do it routinely. Sometimes I tend to use natural taste enhancers like shitake mushrooms, parmesan cheese, fish sauce, carrots or even tomatoes which all contain MSG naturally.



  1. I like penne very much. It looks very nice.

  2. I can imagine! So do I but i have other interests as well if you get the drift of what I am saying……

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