Posted by: odzer | August 7, 2008

Apple pie

What would you do if your mother came home with Kilos of Apples? Probably the same as I did. We had the seasons first apple’s from Himachal this year. They are a bit tart and hard so perfect for baking a pie. The only trouble is when you think about baking a pie in India it is not as simple as going to your friendly convenience store and buying some pastry. You have to make your own pastry dough! There are of course some advantages to that because you make it with butter instead of transfat filled margarine that most commercial pastry dough has. So after my breakfast I started peeling the apples, a job that I absolutely hate and then I chopped them. I cooked them with a bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar in butter and prepared the pastry dough from scratch. All the fruit of my labour that you can see in the gallery.

I prepared a tart shell and put in the pastry dough and the filling and then made the top layer. Thereafter it was a simple matter of tossing it in the oven for around 30 minutes at 200ºC and having the whole house filled with smell of apples and cinnamon. It may not be a bad idea to do it before guests arrive just to make the place smell nice. I finally took the baked pie out and waited for it to cool down (I am a very impatient man) and then had it with Maple Syrup (100% not the cheap stuff!). A perfect decadent winter meal although a bit premature but still I can not wait for it to get cold enough so I can cook more often.


  1. Wow! That looks very nice!

  2. looks great but sounds difficult. I like to eat pies made by others!

  3. Khelljuhg it did come out very neat. Tasty as well.

  4. Nita you should try making one, if the first one does not come out right you can always feed it to the dog. It is not that difficult!

  5. Hmm, as if you share any recipes!! 🙂 I don’t know abc of pie making!

  6. 2 Cups of Flour
    1 Cup of Castor Sugar (I use less)
    about 1/4 large brick of 500 grams butter
    4 Tart Apples
    Cinnamon (powdered)

    Pastry Dough :

    Mix flour with sugar in a bowl and add butter that has been cut in to small pieces, the butter should be really cold. Mix it with your hands till the flour, butter and sugar is nice and grainy. Now add a bit of iced cold water to knead the dough. Toss it in the fridge.

    Filling :

    Peel and chop in to small cubes 4 apples. Take around half a tablespoon of butter and let it melt on low heat in a pan. Never heat butter at high heat, toss in the apples increase the heat a bit. Now add to the apples around 2 tablespoons of sugar or less (depending on the sweetness of the apples) when a nice glaze forms add some powdered cinnamon depending on your taste. I like it a bit on the higher side so I suggest around 2 teaspoons. stir well and when the apples are a bit soft remove them.

    Baking :

    Flatten the dough much like you make roti with a rolling pin, line a tart shell which has been greased and floured. Fill in the apples, add some flour and sugar on top.Cover with another layer of pastry dough and make a design on it if you like. Bake at 200ºC for around 20-40 minutes until golden brown.

    NB: Add some salt to your pastry dough if you are using unsalted butter, around 2 pinches is enough.

  7. Thanks! I am bookmarking this page! 🙂

  8. Hey its quite okay. Oh this dessert goes well with Whipped cream or ice cream as well. Actually its a dutch tradition to have an Apple pie on a birthday. The dutch are known to have some of the best apple pie. They also seem to be the one’s responsible for the introduction of this dessert in Nepal, you can even find it in the remotest of trekking routes.

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