Posted by: odzer | August 6, 2008

Sugar Apple/Custard Apple

Some days ago I went to visit a neighbour of mine who is also a close friend. He has a sugar apple (Annona squamosa) tree. He actually climbed the tree to fetch some for me. They were very sweet and ripe. In some commonwealth countries a Sugar Apple is often called Custard Apple as well though that is a completely different fruit, I believe both of the fruits have their origin in Latin America or the Caribbean. This morning before I left my home I had two of them and I picked one to take a picture but it was so ripe that it just broke in my hand so I just ended up eating one. I have eaten this fruit after many years and we have many interesting fruits coming up with the approaching winter so I am looking forward to that.


  1. You’ve changed the look of your blog! Btw, I love custard apples and this is the season and I am eating one everyday. I have never heard of a sugar apple!

  2. Hey Nita.I have changed the theme because I wanted to use the photo of these trees I have from Paro, Bhutan. I think here we use “custard apple” for both the fruits. I think that is due to the UK influence on Indian English.

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