Posted by: odzer | August 3, 2008



Tibetan Thukpa

Tibetan Thukpa

On Saturday evening we had a small party at my home and one of my Tibetan friends Sonam very kindly agreed to cook Thukpa or Tibetan Noodle Soup for me and my friends. He worked hard the whole evening and we could have all the ingredients that we wanted to have added separately to the soup at the end. We had a choice of cooked mutton, carrots, spinach and some sauces. I liked the meal a lot and usually we eat Thukpa that has been cooked all in one go instead of this customisable version. There are many types of Tibetan Noodle Soup, Noodle soup is usually called Gyathuk and this was what we ate, Soup made with fresh hand made pasta is called Thentuk and usually contains Daikon. 


I am already looking forward to the cold weather when we can have many types of dumplings and soups. I may have to go to Dharamsala soon and I hope to eat much more Tibetan food while I am there.


  1. Oh, this looks very nice and beautiful.

  2. Yes indeed and it was quite tasty. You should definitely eat this once.

  3. this looks really delicious….

  4. Yes Chemi he did a very good job.

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