Posted by: odzer | May 28, 2008

Nepal : A Journey through time

Today is a historic day for Nepal. They will be transforming in to a Republic. Ever since I was a kid I have always imagined Nepal as a monarchy and then a constitutional monarchy. In June of 2001 just as I was about to leave for Kathmandu I heard the news of the Royal family massacre. During that visit the streets were full of sad and mourning people and you could see that people had a deep respect for the late royal family. Now in the June of 2008 these people are ready to say bye to the centuries old system of monarchy in Nepal. This is not a political blog but a personal one, I have an interest in collecting money and stamps and I would like to showcase Nepal’s royal era currency through this blog. Perhaps one day these notes will be valuable, who knows! Please click on gallery images for a bigger size. 


  1. Heh those are pretty nifty.

  2. Thanks Jenny. I am glad you liked them. The new money in Nepal has no images of the Kings I am told.

  3. […] few months back I posted a blog about Nepalese stamps and bank notes. Today I am posting a few Bhutanese stamps on this blog. I collect stamps and I have quite a few […]

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