Posted by: odzer | May 26, 2008

Maccha Chocolate Cake

At this point I should just confess that I am a Maccha addict. I love the taste and there is no way I can describe how it tastes. It is simply exquisite. Today I decided to make a Maccha-Chocolate layer cake. It has come out to be very nice and the crust is very tasty. At the end of making the batter I was a bit confused regarding what should be the top layer but I guess making chocolate the top layer seems to have paid off. As you can see in two different slices the layer is not consistent however it does have an interesting pattern over all. I hope to make more Maccha desserts in the future unless I get distracted, I have been dreaming of nuts as well lately…..


  1. i would like to have one portion of this cake…

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