Posted by: odzer | May 25, 2008

Tofu Stir Fry

The tofu that we get in India is quite hard, they try to texture it similar to Paneer. Some people even use Tofu instead of Paneer! Any way today I made a hard tofu stir fry with carrots, green peppers, onion and black bean sauce.  I added some Hoisin sauce for the sweetness.It came out with a very nice crunchy texture that I love and a very sweet earthy taste. Whenever I do not feel like eating rice, noodles, pasta or roti I always do a stir fry it fills me up adequately due to the vegetables and is not a very heavy meal as well. Oh and if you have a good stirfry you can always turn it in to Pita bread sandwiches the next day. Now is that not cool? 

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