Posted by: odzer | May 12, 2008

Doggie likes his nap


This dog would rather sleep on a car!

This dog sleeps merrily on a parked car

Today I went out for a walk with two of my friends. We found this dog sleeping merrily on a car parked just two or three houses away from mine. This dog is a member of the pack that usually chases cars in my neighbourhood. I think this dog is in love with cars! Anyway my friend told me that this dog often sleeps on cars and we also noticed that there were scratches on the vehicle due to the dog climbing on the car. How he manages to do that is a mystery as well. 


  1. Hehehe that is so funny! From a distance, he looks as if to have just been hit and landed on the driver’s car.

  2. Yes that is true. However the doggy just likes to sleep on the car, which I guess is much safer than sleeping on the road and then getting hit by a car and landing on …..

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