Posted by: odzer | May 4, 2008

Farmers Market

We have a rotational farmers market called “Apni Mandi” in Chandigarh. Although calling it a farmers market would be a bit of a misnomer. It has many vendors joining in to sell vegetables as well. You can find almost about everything in this vegetable market that you would like to buy. However you should not really hope for very cheap prices which are likely to be found in the bigger stores. These markets can be cheaper than the normal vegetable markets that do not rotate. In any case people here are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying their vegetables and fruit. I wish I could say the same for meat but that is not the case. I had stopped here to buy some fruit with my mother last week so I took these photos in the peak of a hot afternoon. It was above 40ºC and the place was pretty desolate. In the evening time however the rush picks up and you can jostle shoulder to shoulder with huge crowds as you buy your vegetables. Some people seem to enjoy doing that, I would rather just go to a store.



  1. I was mistaken for a local there!

  2. Khelljuhg this was not the type of market where they thought you were Indian. That was another kind of market a more “permanent” one. I shall take you to this type when you are here next time.

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