Posted by: odzer | April 30, 2008

Indian Chameleon

Indian Chameleon

This afternoon I went to drop one of my friends to his home. Just outside his building I saw this Indian Chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus). I should thank Khelljuhg for helping to identify the species. Apparently though there is only one species of Chameleon in India. I remember that one of these used to live in our letter box and he was there for many years but he has disappeared. My mother tells me that perhaps this particular one lives in the hollow within this young tree.



  1. Just wanted to update your species identification… from your entry, it implies that you saw the lizard in the photo. If this is the case, your ID is definitely incorrect. The lizard pictured is NOT Chamaeleo zeylanicus, I can state positively. It is an Agamid, although I do not know the agamid of the subcontinent well enough to help you ID it to genus or species.

  2. I am not a botanist or a zoologist , so I am prone to making mistakes. Could you help me look it up please? Another thing is I definitely know this lizard to change colours.

  3. You insisted it was a chameleon, so I looked up Chamaeleo species found in India for this ‘strangely-shaped chameleon’. That’s all the story.

  4. Yes that being said and done, what is it exactly Khelljuhg.

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