Posted by: odzer | April 26, 2008


I have a few bushes of Basil growing in my verandah. So I decided to raid them and make some spaghetti for lunch today. It came out quite nicely. What I liked was the plentifulness and the flavourfulness of the herbs. Spaghetti is an interesting dish for me. It tells me a lot about the state of the world economy than anything else. Since the last two years the cost of Pasta seems to be rising in India. It also seems that the cost is rising a lot in Italy that is because more and more of it is being consumed in India and China. Suddenly Indians can now afford to eat things that they have never been eating in the past and now they seemed to have caused prices to spiral upwards in Italy where people are protesting. Pasta seems to be a staple as far as the Italians are concerned because they at least eat it once during the day. It seems to me sometimes that International trade can only be successful under two circumstances, either we do not trade at all or we integrate our economies more closely and have one single world currency and one single world market. However that is going to happen in the distant future. In the next 50 years or so what I foresee is the African Union, The European Union, Asean and Nafta as some super governments before eventual world integration. Countries are becoming irrelevant as times goes by and it is only the younger nations that talk of out dated concepts like “Sovereignty”. However until then let the world discover pasta and the joys that it brings.



  1. That looks very nice. I am a bit surprised, because you usually don’t decorate your food.

  2. Thanks Khelljuhg. You are right I usually do not like very decorated food. As I was exiting my kitchen I saw these beautiful basil flowers and since I had used a lot of basil in this dish I just had to put one on there. Very impulsive of me.

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