Posted by: odzer | April 20, 2008

Mc Donalds security sleeps on the job

McDonald's Sleepy Security

This could probably happen only in India. You see a McDonalds Chandigarh security person sleeping right in front of the store. I accept it was almost 1 am when I took this photo but still sleeping on your job! Work ethic in India is basically non existent and people seldom take pride in anything they do. A job here is simply something you to do to put food on the table or more so as I hear “so my kids can have a better life”. No one actually works because they enjoy doing a good job! When I was taking this picture a man came rushing up behind me and shouted “The guy is tired, he is sleeping after a hard days work”. I think he was a cleaning staff of McDonalds who was hanging outside and he was worried that his “colleague” may be fired if I show up the next day armed with a photo of this person. I am sure that in the army and the police sleeping on your post is one of the most frowned upon acts that one can do. I think McDonalds should basically reconsider their security contract in Chandigarh, I know that armed robberies in stores are rare occurrences in India but just a few shops down this block there was a shootout in a very popular café. In any case in my point of view its just amusing how someone can take their job so easy but also in his case he looks s slovenly and so very lazy. Not one of the best security guards I should say.


  1. I agree that the person sleeping on the job is not acceptable. However, to say that no one in India takes pride in their work would mean that in US, everyone is having a gun and killing each other (after hearing about the shootout in a school) or that in Spain everyone is running only after sex in the office (after I saw a couple having sex there in the office).
    How can you generalize?
    I believe good and bad are everywhere but this does not mean everyone is like that. So observe, but do not generalise.

  2. Arun we can only make out things as they stand in our own minds. You create your own world. You seem to be viewing it from your own perspective. This is my blog and I express my opinions as I see them. This post has nothing to do with good or bad. As for me I can only talk about India why do I need to compare it with Spain or USA?

  3. It is very unfortunate that you see one instance and make a generalized statement. You should be more mature when posting blogs on the web as it is being read by the entire world.hope you managed to have a good dinner that night in chandigarh.Anyways my advice to you would be to stay back at home at 1.00 am.

  4. One you have no way of knowing if it was only “one instance”. Perhaps this guy sleeps everyday on his job, perhaps he does not. Second I went out for a coffee at a place just near this and not dinner and I enjoyed myself very much, Thank You. Third I do not think you should pontificate to others, as I said this is MY blog not a forum or a message board. I post things here as I SEE THEM. Thank you so much for your advice, but I feel perfectly safe at 1 am in my own city. I do not care about what the whole world thinks, that is your problem that you seem to deflect on to others.

  5. Cool it Odzer…You seem to lose it.
    It was nice to go through your blog…Ciao

  6. Subbu again you assume things, first you assumed a meaning from this post and now you assume I am angry. I think you need to see things in a more objective manner instead of being so subjective. Cheers. Odzer.

  7. Look who is talking!!!!
    Your blog is all about asssumptions.
    You assume that just because one man was found sleeping on the job at 1:00 am in the night all Indian dont like their jobs and do it just for the sake of doing it and to feed their kids.Probably you are not aware that 35% of people in NASA are Indians. Almost 30% of teh Doctors in the US are Indians.I dont want to waste my time discussing this with a Ethnocentric person like you.
    And how do you know that there are more such instances..It is your assumption. I can proudly say that I love my job as most Indians do and am very ambitious again Like most Indians.

  8. It is not assumptive because I live in India, I have an Indian passport and I was born in India. I know India well. Secondly your data is wrong, taken from a chain email 35% of NASA is not made up of Indian scientists nor are 30% of the doctors in the United States Indian. Again this is my blog and I can write whatever I want to write or do you have a problem with the whole freedom of speech thing? In which you case you can simply move to China or somewhere. As for how well you do your job and how ambitious you are, it is quite irrelevant.

  9. Well Odzer knows everything about the world …
    Since, You already have a passport why dont you move out of the country as you already dont like it. Maybe Pakistan would suit you well as even they dont like Indians.You can infact have more freedom over there not only with speech but you cantransform that into actions. And you say you were born in India, do you call yourself An Indian? If you did you would have never written such a blog.

  10. Let me join in the fun….
    It is funny how people feel personally offended when Odzer makes a remark about someone sleeping on the job “Oh I take pride in my work, how dare you say anything about Indians and taking their jobs easy, you are so judgmental.. bla bla bla”
    Of course the right thing to do for any Indian would be to turn a blind eye to everything that is wrong with the country, ignore people who make it what it is today.. If less people slept on the job and did their best, perhaps it would not be a third world country anymore. (I’m sure I’ll get flamed for the previous remark!)

    Although India proudly proclaims to be “Rising” and the world’s largest “democracy”, it is full of people who are not rising anywhere, and dare to forbid others to air valid complaints on their own blog. If you do not agree, DON’T READ IT.

    As for odzer having to cool it; why would you think he was in need of it.. that’s just how he talks! 😉

    SOOOO what’s next, a photo of the kitchen staff at KFC recycling left over pieces of chicken by putting them back to be served to unsuspecting customers? Or perhaps something less obvious.. somebody emptying the trash and then preparing food without washing his hands.. oh what a shock that would be!!! I don’t even know how I came up with it. What perverted and far fetched imagination I have…

    PS. What happened to a sense of humour?

  11. Thank you Laura, that is exactly what I am trying to say. Just because I do not like the way Indian people work does not mean I do not like India. I can not live in denial even if some people choose to do so. If Indians are good at something it is nice, if they are not I will say it even if I am an Indian. I can not close my eyes to what is just obvious and starring in our face every day. Indeed the poster Subbu has brought Pakistan in to the blog, a lot of Indian people just like blame others for all of their problems. The problem is within ourselves and we can indeed change this third world country to first world if we changed how we work. Broken roads, lack of clean drinking water no power is all fixable. We just need the will and we just need to open our eyes.

  12. There you see Odzer that is what I was referring to…It is no longer “Your Blog” now..The world has access to it. For the benefit of Laura and Odzer here are a few links facts which ofcourse would not change your stereotyped mindset but might just increase your general knowledge.
    And as far turning a blind eye is concerned , we very well know there a few negative things but that is there in every country. People should take intiatives to better than country rather than pin pointing. If you cant do that atleast do not spoil the nations image where there are youngsters looking ahead positively for a better tomorrow.

  13. My dear Subbu, the minister who presented these figures in the Upper house of the parliament fell victim to an Internet e-mail hoax and so did you. Just like I said you did not take the time to verify things that you post here. Does that reflect on your own work ethic? Perhaps it does. Here is the story from the same newspaper you used as a reference :-

    It also tells me how unreliable the Indian media is that they published this lengthy article that you mentioned without cross checking it. About the second link that you brought to my notice, I have no comments. It appears to be someone’s private home page. In light of that I have decided to publish a new blog about the state that India is in by using figures from UNDP, UNICEF, WHO and other more reliable means. You will find the post at :-

    Further indeed, I know the scope of my blog. It reflects me. Nothing more, nothing less. I do not care what others think of me or the country of my residence. That as I said, IS YOUR PROBLEM. It seems you are very touchy about how other people think of you may be it is because you want to project an image of our nation to others in a positive light but do not take the intelligence of others for granted. The truth is always victorious. That is the Indian motto. It will find a way to shine even if we hide it behind a thick curtain.

  14. Some people these days are so reactive and self-conscious, it seems… It’s just that the guard breached the agreement between him and his employer. It was lucky of him that he was not working in my country or somewhere else.

  15. Khelljuhg that is indeed the question. What surprised me is the reaction to this blog. It would not be so hard to imagine what would happen to the guard elsewhere if he had been sleeping on his job!

  16. Alright.. even if the articles were true, would India not have benefited much more if all the scientists had STAYED and worked for their own country instead of America?

    Don’t you think you are overreacting just a little bit by saying a blog post by Odzer is going to “spoil the nation’s image”? The media, Indian or foreign, has plenty of bigger (potentially even verified) stories to do that already. A guard sleeping on the job is the least of India’s problems.. First straighten out the politicians and policemen, then maybe consider McDonald’s security…

  17. Precisely Laura, no one gains here at home even if a hundred thousand Indians make it to NASA. I am just tired of all these pseudo nationalists that haunt this country. Flag waving aside what I hate being preached at on my own blog. If you do not like it, go elsewhere the Internet is big enough, you have hit the nail on its head!

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