Posted by: odzer | April 19, 2008

Prawn and Pea Risotto

Prawn and Pea Risotto with some Wine

Yesterday I purchased some prawns, frozen prawns of course. We do get fresh one’s but some how the idea of cleaning them does not really appeal to me. So I made a prawn and pea risotto today. I tried using South Indian rice for it instead of the usual long grain that I use. I should ideally buy a pack of risotto rice but that is rather expensive here. It turned out pretty decent. I had also purchased a bottle of cheap Indian white wine. Over all not a bad evening except I have a long report to write and I am in no mood to do it. Perhaps I will go out for a late night coffee and that would set things right. One of the bee


  1. yummy………..this prawn pea rissoto really looks nice but i have never tasted prawns. I made Chicken Curry some days ago with the help of Sanjeev kapoor,s cooking book.
    Will try to send some pictures later.

  2. Chemi, how did your chicken curry come out? Let me know. What did you eat it with?

  3. It was quite delicious and we liked it very much..actually i have its picture in my camera but i dunno how to download it.We ate it with rice . I really like cooking sometimes………

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