Posted by: odzer | April 17, 2008

That confounded chinese torch

Beijing 2008 Torch Relay Truth!

Today is Thursday the 17th of April, 2008. I want to express my protest at this Chinese torch that is entering my country. It is not welcome here, not till our neighbour Tibet is occupied by China. So for today all I will say is this “Please take your torch and …..”



  1. It is not welcome not till our neighebour Tibet is occupied by china`???

  2. Precisely

  3. More so because the stupid flame caused traffic jams that cause people to reach home after spending four and a half hours on the road! Hundreds missed their flights and thousands of manpower hours were lost. The IOA authorities should be lynched for putting up such pathetic show of concern for the Delhi residents.
    The contrasting video reports about the Tibetan and Chinese flames told the story that need not be reiterated by words.

  4. I agree Naina. It caused a lot of unnecessary trouble. Someone has to be lynched for such arrogant behaviour. When the Chinese begin telling us what we should do in our own country and the government lovingly obliges may be it is best to invite them to rule here directly instead of proxy!

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