Posted by: odzer | April 15, 2008

A visit to the lake

Today I went with a friend to the local lake, it is called “Sukhna”. We took a 4 KM long walk and I saw some plants there. This lake starts shrinking in the summer and the word for drying up in Hindi is “Sukhna” that is why it is called what it is. I found an Aak (Calotropis) plant there, this plant is highly poisonous and the poison extracted from this plant is usually given to young female infants in Northern India to kill them. The female child in India is thought of as a great liability because you have to pay her a huge dowry to marry her off. In fact my city has the lowest population of girls any where in the world. However it also seems to have some religious significance since the root of this plant is also fashioned in to idols of assorted Hindoo gods. I also found a plant that is normally grown as a hedge and has very pretty yellow/pink/mixed coloured flowers and black berries. There was  a family of ducks with their young ones. I was a bit unhappy that I had not got my camera with me today but I guess I made use of my mobile phone as best as I could.


  1. I have made some changes to this blog and corrections thanks to the guidance of my friend Khelljuhg.

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