Posted by: odzer | April 13, 2008

Dairy Kraze

Go mad with dairy kraze!

The other day I went to buy groceries and I found this banana milk drink called Dairy Kraze with a couple of mad cows on the bottle. I think it rocks. I purchased one just to test whether it would make me crazy or give me mad cow disease. Unfortunately it did no such thing except leaving a horrid taste in my mouth of fake Banana flavouring. Among other interesting mad cow associated memories, I remember this restaurant in Tibet that was called The Mad Yak. However I would not recommend Dairy Kraze though the name and the product labeling totally rocks.


  1. Ha ha ha mad yak??? Could imagine it too….
    What is kraze?

  2. 😀 How do you manage to find all the wierdly wierd stuff in the world. The closest I came to buying some way out product was Maggi Coconut Milk Powder. Yes! It helps retain the original malyalee flavour of the dishes you cook without the headache of buying, peeling, breaking and collecting a coconut’s milk. 😀 Brilliant ehh? The only problem was – it tastes horrible. 😀
    I wonder on which marketing insight Dairy Kraze was launched in the market. 🙂

  3. Just to update you Naina. If you buy one Dairy Kraze you get one free. It is an offer I noticed again at the supermarket when I went there some days ago! Now double the mad cow fun at same price! I have a suggestion for you buy Dabur Coconut milk. It is thick, it is creamy and I use it for all my Thai curry’s it works everytime! Just hoard it because it often disappears from store shelves.

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