Posted by: odzer | April 8, 2008

The Mini KitKat Comparative Study

One of the most important things about science is that you study the subject and do extensive experimentation. So I decided to compare a product that is sold almost around the world i.e. KitKat. The wonderful chocolate bar with a crunchy wafer in it. I like KitKat, so do many of you I suppose. So in that spirit of being a KitKat fan I wrote to Nestlé India Ltd, the proud purveyors of KitKat in India through their website asking them to comment on various differences found in KitKat in India and internationally using the form found at the below given URL :-

For some strange reason Nestlé does limit your comments to a mere 250 words. I guess because they are busy folks but I did not expect them to be so busy that they would never reply! So lets begin a brief comparison of the two two KitKat mini’s.

1) Size : Indian KitKat mini’s tend to be bigger. Japanese KitKat mini’s are truly mini.

2) Taste : Indian KitKat mini’s do not taste like chocolate at all. They carry a mysterious taste that I have only so far able to establish as “Cheap Vanilla Essence”. I could be wrong but when a chocolate bar does not taste like chocolate it is troubling. The Japanese one tastes much better and almost similar to the KitKat bars sold in the United Kingdom that are also for sale in India at times.

3) Variety : KitKat bars in India come mostly in regular flavours, though they seem to be trying some other flavours as well but they taste fake as well. I think we would like to see KitKat here in White, Strawberry, Cherry, Green Tea or other flavours like elsewhere. Also perhaps may be in Apricot or interesting Indian flavours.

4) Packaging : I have not much gripes about the packaging in India but it is certainly not cheap. It costs around 5 INR or ¥ 14 to buy a single KitKat Mini, it would be nicer if they sold them here in bigger plastic packs like one’s shown here though I guess smaller packaging always sells better in India because of the small purchasing power of Indian consumers. Actually I think the packaging here actually for individual chocolates is better but that may be because of the non ideal storage conditions in retail outlets here.

I would rather not buy KitKat in India, so for the occassional treat it is better to buy the imported variant or buy a Bounty, Mars or Snickers bar. I think Nestlé is intent on losing its high end customers.


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