Posted by: odzer | April 3, 2008

Chocolate Cake

 Chocolate Cake

I like Chocolate, it is one of the few things that actually calm me down mood wise. I am especially partial to Chocolate Cake especially with Walnuts. However Walnuts have become very expensive due to a TV swami making claims that they are good for your heart. Which they might as well be but why did he have to tell it to all and sundry! Any way so today I was very hungry when I came home after my evening grocery shopping and I had a rather early dinner around 6:45 pm (I usually eat dinner in Summers around 7:45 pm) so I needed a snack with my last cup of tea. I baked this Chocolate cake for that very purpose. It came out quite nice I must say though I could have done with a bit less flour but since the weather is warm now, very moist cakes tend to go bad without refrigeration soon and I do not like to refrigerate my cakes. Not bad at all!


  1. Time to shift base to Chandigarh, if Sweden thing does not happen.
    Atleast I can have iced tea at four with delicious yumm cakes. 😉

  2. Sure come on over, its only a train ride away.

  3. I also like chocolate cakes specially brownies but somehow i dunno want to eat as mush as i want as i am afraid that i might gain lots of weights….

  4. Chemi Eat cake, skip dinner then you will not gain weight.

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