Posted by: odzer | April 2, 2008

Whitening Deodorant

Nivea Whitening Deodorant

Okay as Indians we have an obsession to be fairer! For those of you who deny it, here is the final conclusive proof that it is so. Here is a unique product from Nivea in India, a Whitening Deodorant. How it is supposed to work I have no clue! Perhaps the good people at Nivea can explain. Even if it does work what anyone will do with whitened armpits I can not even imagine. However I am happy with my brown arm pits and my brown behind. One of my friends once said “Brown people make the worst racists, they do not like white people and they do not like black people”. I guess that is a bit true when we have such kind of self image where we begin to need whitening deodorants. Go through any newspaper in India and you will be surprised at two things :

1) Matrimonial Sections

2) Everyone is “Fair” in a matrimonial section! No one describes themselves as “Dark”.

If it is not an obsession then what is it? However If ever anyone at Nivea reads this blog please do let me know how the whitening deodorant works, I am just dying to know!

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