Posted by: odzer | March 29, 2008

Home made pizza

Ready to bakeYesterday we went to the bakers and one of my friends purchased a Ciabatta bread. So today during lunch time I felt like eating something bread like. I decided to make a pizza. I used bacon, green olives and some Gouda cheese. Not the most conventional but I like Gouda. So after I had prepared the dough, I topped it off with some home made tomato sauce flavoured with garlic. Later I added the toppings and the cheese.

Out of the oven

It was ready in around 15 minutes at 300ºC. So in a way faster than if I had ordered it. The pizzas we get in Chandigarh are quite disgusting to be honest. We have the wide choice of Dominoes or Pizza Hut. I did love the smaller chain called Smokin Joes but they were not popular enough and have had to move to the suburban hell of Chandigarh called Mohali.

Out of the oven

After it was done I enjoyed it with a glass of home made non sweetened Earl Grey Iced Tea. I have noticed that Earl Grey Iced Tea tends to be a bit oily perhaps due to the oil of bergamot that they use to flavour the tea. I am looking forward now on a full belly to completing my work for today and perhaps enjoying the evening a bit.


  1. Looks great… bet it tasted great too.

  2. Thanks a lot. It did. I try various combinations and toppings for this recipe.

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