Posted by: odzer | March 28, 2008

Creap me out

A Jar Full of CreapIt is funny how this works but I am not amazed. It seems different cultures are always attracted to other cultures. I noticed this coffee creamer, rather it was pointed out to me by my friends. It is called Creap. Although the quality of creamers in both Japan and China is such that it will creep anyone out this one definitely stands out. Most products in Japan seem to have all their titles boldly written in English although the rest of the packaging may be in Japanese. It is about the same as how sometimes I discover weird tee shirts or stickers on motorcycles in India that do not make any sense or are supposed to be in Japanese. I have seen Hindi and English in Japan of course that makes no sense at all. One of the more interesting points is the graffiti seen on walls with the graffiti artists trying to write something on the walls in English but not being able to and it appears like a 3 year old scribbles something. If you want to see more examples of the unique take on English by the Japanese just head to


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