Posted by: odzer | March 27, 2008

Why a Free Tibet is important to India.

The Tibetan National FlagI have been a supporter for the independence of Tibet for the last one decade. I have written a lot about this topic over the years and I really do not want to repeat myself. Tibet is really a sandwich between India and the communist giant we all know as People’s Republic of China (PRC). A lot has been said about making Tibet a zone of peace. However lets just look at it factually. Would we rather have an aggressive nation who has attacked us in the past and stolen territory from us as a neighbour or a friendly nation as a neighbour? Even if the Indian government does not support Tibet overtly it must do so covertly. The time is now ripe that we basically tell the Chinese albeit in a discreet and subtle manner that their rule in Tibet must come to an end. Many Indians and the government here of course is afraid that we have our own skeleton in the closet in the form of Kashmir. However here is a fact, Kashmiri’s are not busy burning our flags in world capitals or protesting outside our embassies. There are not hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri refugees in foreign countries and moreover Kashmir is a disputed territory between two sovereign nations i.e. India and Pakistan. The situation in Kashmir has no parallel with the situation in Tibet. So what I am saying rather directly is, let us stop being wusses and actually stand up to China. If China losses Tibet we would have removed a threat to our future generations forever, also do not for get that China uses Tibetan soil to supply Pakistan with weapons and is also occupying Indian territory due to its border with us. As we build bridges to Pakistan in the future we need to be equally firm to China so that they realise that they are not the only power in Asia. A support for an Independent Tibet along with better relations with Japan and South Korea could greatly extend our sphere of influence.

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